Fast Track Interlocking Floor Tiles for PFS

My latest project has involved working with a leading supermarket to trial a new interlocking floor tile. The Design Tile from R-Tek,  was the flooring choice for a refurbishment project carried out at one of the supermarket’s petrol filling stations (PFS).

Just under 100m2 of interlocking floor tiles had to be installed and this was done in a breath taking 5 hours from arrival on site to final clean down and demobilisation.

No need for any floor preparation, levelling or the use of primers or adhesives, these tiles can be loose laid as the strong hidden dovetail interlock ensures that the interlocking floor tiles are completely bound together.

The interlocking floor tiles easily fit together and with a rubber mallet they can be clicked together with ease.

If unexpected damage occurs to the floor in the future, it is easy to replace one or two of the tiles, without causing any disruption to trading, a fantastic advantage compared to sheet flooring, tiled flooring and resin flooring, where repairs can be time consuming and expensive.

The finished floor has the appearance of a tiled surface but the performance and feel of a resilient safety floor. Easy to clean, but slip resistant “Design Tile’ is ideal for this type of environment.

The Design Tile

For the past 16 years I’ve been working with flooring systems in the industrial and commercial flooring sectors. In that time I’ve worked with some of the largest flooring manufacturers on major construction projects all over the world.

These companies are often striving to develop new innovative flooring products, using the latest chemistry and configurations. However, during my time in the industry it has been rare to see a product that is not just innovative, but is a product that clients will embrace, because it solves their problems. Manufacturers  R-Tek have introduced me to the latest innovation in commercial flooring design – the Design Tile and it’s remarkable.

R-Tek's Design Tile


TRL Pendulum

Not only is the Design Tile quick and easy to install, it’s resilient, attractive and, most importantly, slip resistant. It has an R10 rating and more importantly when tested with a pendulum has a PTV > 36, both dry and wet: it’s ideal for commercial businesses with limited down time and it’s guaranteed to keep the Health  & Safety Executive happy and your insurance premiums low.



Because the product is loose-laid there’s no need for any special surface preparation before installation, plus its strong, hidden, dove-tail interlock ensures that the tiles are securely bound together with no hazardous, unsightly seams. The Design Tile is a best-of-both-worlds product; the strength and durability of a uPVC interlocking tile, but with all the features and performance values of a resilient floor surface.

A Design Tile Installation

I’m fascinated with this recent development in flooring technology, so stay tuned for more information soon – the Design Tile isn’t common knowledge as yet, but in my opinion it’s going to take the world of commercial flooring by storm, so watch this space.