Resin Comfort Flooring

My latest project has involved the installation of resin comfort flooring for Floored Genius. Comfort flooring systems offer the end user the benefits of a cushioned vinyl floor, but with the added benefits of a seamless and hygenic floor. Sometimes referred to as ‘Liquid Vinyl’ these floors from Floored Genius could not be further away from vinyl sheet, as they use ┬áthe highest quality flexible polyurethanes to form a seamless finish.

Comfort flooring is an interesting product from an installation point of view, as the initial stages require the skills and experience of a vinyl floor installer and the latter stages utilise the skills of the resin floor installer.

So why use comfort flooring ?

Well this project is for a contemporary residential project where the added comfort, acoustic benefits, crack bridging properties and the striking good looks of a seamless white floor to an open plan living quarter, make it a perfect choice.